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Road Traffic

If you have the misfortune to be involved in a road traffic accident you should ensure that you take a note of the details. In particular you should ensure that you have the other driver’s insurance details and registration number.

If there are any witnesses to the accident you should ascertain their details. While passengers in your vehicle are classed as witnesses, independent witnesses to both parties are best placed to provide evidence and if possible their details should be taken also. If there are any passengers in the other vehicle you should politely ask for their names and note them.

Most people have camera phones and we would recommend that as many photos are taken as possible. As the old adage goes a picture paints a thousand words. Feel free to take as many photographs as you need, however we recommend you take pictures of the vehicles, their positions, the accident locus and the damage caused. These photographs must be kept safe and the person who took them details noted. These photographs could prove vital to the prosecution of, or indeed defence of any case which may be brought.

Any person involved in a road traffic accident is legally obliged to remain at the scene should a Garda be attending, if requested you are also obliged to furnish the Garda with your name, address, vehicle owner details, vehicle registration number, licence and evidence of Insurance

If no Gardaí attend the scene you should nevertheless report the matter to the nearest Garda Station and where someone has been injured you have a legal obligation to do so in any event.

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